About Holwater

Holwater is an interim management and consultancy company, specialized in the offshore and maritime sector and the Cleantech industry.

Through its Managing Director, Lonneke Holierhoek, Holwater provides interim management for executive level roles, has expertise in strategy development, innovation, supply chain management, scale-up, contract management, project management, change management, risk management and commercial management.

Holwater’s approach is pragmatic, professional and personal.


Interim Management

Lonneke Holierhoek has close to 30 years of experience in the maritime and offshore industry, 5 years in a non-profit organisation with renowned scientific contributions. This has led to proven success in acquisition and execution of projects, balancing CAPEX and OPEX while improving profitability, a track record of building exceptionally high performing teams, achieving client satisfaction, advocating for the organisation and its objectives in the media and in public affairs.

She has repeatedly built and managed successful and inclusive teams, managed  by trust, motivation and support, while safeguarding the objectives and question.

Her background both in large corporate and in scale-up environments in makes her versatile, combined with her affinity to technical and commercial industries would make her a good candidate to fulfil a wide variety of executive or non-executive level interim management roles.


Contract Management

Holwater can perform contract reviews, prepare contract documentation, prepare claim documentation including valuation and substantiation and follow up on contractual disputes. During a tender or negotiation process it is valuable to receive pragmatic advice on the potential cost and impact of contractual qualifications, to ensure fair and reasonable evaluation.


Risk Management

Holwater can provide risk analyses and risk assessments, both qualitative and quantitative, regarding commercial and execution risks, with a focus on managing those risks effectively. Not all risks are negative, some risks and uncertainties may result in potential benefits and opportunities. Placing emphasis on risk at the tender or preparation stage of a project will identify the project team’s priorities and will facilitate scenario based thinking.


Track Record

Royal IHC – Director Offshore Energy & Defence

2022 – 2024 Royal IHC is a vessel and equipment supplier, servicing global customers. Lonneke Holierhoek has been responsible for both the Offshore Energy and Defence markets, specifically for global acquisition, commercial management and delivery of projects. She was a member of the Management Team and Strategy Team, reporting to CEO. Responsible for >300 FTE, …

Offshore Independents – Managing Director / Entrepreneur

2013 – 2016 Offshore Independents: Group of consultancy and engineering companies, in Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas (development & IRM) and the Maritime Sector. Managed company during scale-up phase, grew from 30 to 100 FTE, building an exceptional team of engineering professionals while safeguarding the unique company culture.