Strategy and Business Support

Is your company considering a change of direction? Are you considering acquisition of an asset or company and looking for industry expertise? Do you want a second opinion on your market outlook and strategic planning?

Holwater can provide support by means of technical and commercial due diligence in acquisition processes, prepare market studies and business plans for new ventures or new products, as well as challenge any preconceptions within the boardroom. Holwater can provide practical assistance in changes in a company’s culture, after a merger or if more emphasis is placed on important values, such as safety, compliance or diversity.


Contract Management

Looking for support in tender and contract document reviews? Are there contractual or insurance claims for which your project management team or relevant department does not have the time or resources? Does your project require extensive subcontracting?

Holwater can perform contract reviews, prepare contract documentation, prepare claim documentation including valuation and substantiation and follow up on contractual disputes. During a tender or negotiation process it is valuable to receive pragmatic advice on the potential cost and impact of contractual qualifications, to ensure fair and reasonable evaluation.


Risk Management

Are you worried about a project’s risks regarding cost and time? Do you want a in depth qualitative analysis of the commercial and execution risks and uncertainties in your project or portfolio? Looking for pragmatic measures to better manage your project risks? Does your client require a quantitative (Monte Carlo simulation based) risk analysis, which you cannot perform yourself?

Holwater can provide risk analyses and risk assessments, both qualitative and quantitative, regarding commercial and execution risks, with a focus on managing those risks effectively. Not all risks are negative, some risks and uncertainties may result in potential benefits and opportunities. Placing emphasis on risk at the tender or preparation stage of a project will identify the project team’s priorities and will facilitate scenario based thinking.


Interim Management

Is the workload a little higher than usual? Is the project outside of your team’s current experience? Interested in outsourcing some of the tasks and activities, to maximize your company’s flexibility?

Holwater can provide temporary staff experienced in dredging, offshore installation or infrastructure construction, in positions such as project manager, contract manager, and various other senior project management positions.

Holwater will aim at delivering a good match, both in professional experience and core competences of the temporary candidate. A candidate must fit the client’s company culture, complement the project team’s competences and should be able to hit the ground running.